I run a small co-op from my home every Monday and occasional Fridays. This Friday we learned all about bats as a Halloween theme. The children had a blast with this lesson. I will try my best to break down how I taught this lesson about these magnificent animals.

As a morning exercise, we started by making phones out of foam cups and yarn (this helps children understand how sound travels while having a blast). We then read the, “Daft Bat” by Jeanne Willis. This is a very cute story and a great opening to the lesson. After some stretches and refocusing, we looked over the PowerPoint I made to help explain bats, what they are, echolocation, what they eat, how they live, their temperament, etc.

After the PowerPoint, to help further understand how bats see, we play a fun interactive game to help understand echolocation.


  • Blindfold
  • Maracas
  • Bell
  • Drum

The blindfold and drum is for the child who will pretend to be a bat. The bell is for the child that is a yummy insect and the maracas are the other students that the bat does not want.

How to play

Have the children form a circle. One child (the bat) is in the center of the circle blindfolded and with a drum. Another child holds a bell (the insect) and the rest of the children have maracas (other objects).

Explain to the children that when the bat makes a sound they need to echo back so the bat knows where they are. You tell them that the bat is looking for a yummy treat (the insect) and needs to hear the child holding the bell.

This was such a fun, fun, fun, activity to do with the children and they had such a great time playing. They did not even know they were learning.

To close the lesson we made cute Halloween bat imprints with sponges and paint. I will get to this on another post 😀

This was a really cute lesson and I recommend it for all children.

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Get the PowerPoint for this lesson here!

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