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About Home With Dee Co-op

I started the “Home With Dee Homeschooling Co-op” in an effort to socialize my children in classroom style activities and events. Along the way I’ve met amazing moms and kids that have helped turn my little group into a thriving and loving environment that we all can learn from. The Home With Dee Co-op holds classes in a multitude of events including but not limited to: Science; Art; Storytime; Reading; Math; Nature Exploration and much, much more. Along with all of this, we’re going to be introducing new classes in computer programming, outdoor activities, fitness and more! The future of Home With Dee is a fun and exciting one!

You can find the Home With Dee facebook page here: Home With Dee on Facebook And my personal YouTube page where I discuss lesson and teaching ideas here: Home With Dee on Youtube

About Mrs. Dee

My background is in education and in psychology. I received my bachelor’s in elementary education, and worked as a teacher for over 5+ years. I then realized how badly run our education system is and decided to apply my knowledge of education to working for children with Autism. I LOVED MY JOB…..Till we got pregnant.

Once my little GG was born I instantly decided (with my hubby’s approval and support of course) to homeschool my child. Now I have 2 little girls running around my house and wrecking havoc, but I would never change it for the world.


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