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Nature Explorers

The Home With Dee – Nature Explorers group is a hands on outdoor activity group for children grades K-3. We will be discussing all types of things related to being out in the wild including: animals; insects; plants; habitats and much more. Parents love these courses because it forces our children to stop thinking about their cellphones and video games, and deep dive into our green world around us.

Our September classes will discuss the following topics:

  • What is Life? (Non-Living vs Living)

  • Cells (Using Real Eggs to Learn About Cells)

  • Worms (Observation, Knowledge and Habitats)

Jr. Science Explorers

The Home With Dee – Jr. Science Explorers group makes science learning both interesting and more importantly FUN! We focus on teaching and executing the Scientific Method across all experiments. Whether an egg sinks or floats to creating chemical reactions to creating tiny robots, we do everything that we can to show our children how fascinating science truly is.

Our September classes will discuss the following topics:

  • Intro to the Scientific Method

  • Penny Experiment Water Drop

  • Pepper Experiment

  • What Happens If I Mix Water with Oil

Spanish Program

The Home With Dee – Spanish Program is a NEW and exciting program to teach our children to speak Spanish! Our goal is to start small with basic vocabulary, phonics and sentence structures and build our way up. In no time our children will be fluent in a 2nd language which is a crucial skill in today’s society, and it’ll also impress the grandparents!

Our September classes will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • Colors

  • Numbers

  • Parts of the Body

Past Classes

We have A LOT of fun at all of our class sessions! Check out some of the past events here.

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